Life Is Beautiful, Razzle It Up With Healthy Delightful Memories

Welcome To Razzleberriez

So what makes us different? Simply put, we offer the best frozen yogurt in the valley! I know you have heard that before… but let us explain why! 

RazzleberrieZ was founded upon the ideas of providing high-quality, healthy frozen yogurt and the freshest toppings to our customers through an uplifting modern atmosphere. Unlike conventional dessert shops where you have to wait to be served, at RazzleberrieZ you’re in charge! Simply pick up a cup, swirl it with any combination of yogurt flavors, then top it off with your favorite toppings. Choose one, three, ten toppings. Make it healthy or go all out -- it's up to you! And because your creation is priced by weight, you even control what you pay! 

What do we mean by highest quality products? Glad you asked! Because we are locally owned, we are very particular what ingredients we stock and where we get them! We purchase our products from local supermarkets just like you. This way we can be picky about what comes into our store and we don’t have a stock room full of week old fruit and stale toppings. Our ingredients are guaranteed to be fresh! Let’s not forget to mention, the yogurts we offer contain live and active cultures, certifying that they aren't that fake stuff you can get at other places. Our commitment to quality and freshness is what makes us great and our reputation illustrates just that! 


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Do you Have allergies to a food group

We Care

We are very sensitive to food allergies and we will go the extra mile to make sure you are safe and have the best possible experience! If you or a loved one has a food allergy, please don’t let that stop you from coming in! Let our friendly staff know what fixings you would like and we can grab an unopened bag of toppings to ensure there is no cross contamination of our ingredients!